body love massage therapy for women

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Body Love ​​
Massage Therapy
For Women​ 
Available soon in Melbourne  
​​Certified Therapist - Specialising in
Nourishing & Nurturing Massage.

Luisa can help you with ...
> Restoring energy & vitality energy
> Improving sleep
> Reducing swelling
> Increasing immune system function                     
> Relieving sore and tense muscles
> Reducing muscle fatigue
> Alleviating constipation

> Improving digestion
> Improving blood circulation & skin health
​> Promoting inner healing

Client Testimonials 
  1. "Luisa has the ability to make your aches and pains and the world outside go away! She listens carefully to what you need (for example I have a connective tissue condition where too strong massage is very painful), and will tailor her care to suit. Very considerate and skilled!"
    "she listens"
  2. I've been receiving massages from Luisa since 2012. I suffer tight / sore neck and back muscles, and Luisa is absolutely amazing. She uses the perfect technique and pressure, and I always leave feeling amazing
    " Perfect Technique & Pressure "
  3. "Luisa is by far the best masseuse I have ever come across. She is holistic, kind and has made her life passion her job. I have been seeing Luisa for years, and am so excited to hear of all the new qualifications she has attained over the years. She's the kind of person who just knows how to heal
    " I have been seeing Luisa for years"
  4. 'Luisa is a wonderful massage therapist and person. She has skills in various areas, including relaxation, hot stone, deep tissue and remedial massage. I moved to QLD twelve months ago and I still haven't found anyone who comes close to her level of skill, attention and care
    Anne Lee-Archer
  5. Oh my goodness. I would fly back to Australia for your healing touch.
body love massage therapy for women